Art Activity: Plaster Casting


Step One: A hole about 8″x8″ was made in the sand. Then my hand was placed in the hole which was then filled by wet sea floor sand.  I carefully removed my hand from the sand to ensure that the mold would come out nicely. Shown above is the cavity which the plaster will be poured.

image2 (1)

Step Two: The plaster must be prepared using two parts plaster one part water. I mixed the plaster thoroughly then poured it into the sand molds.


image1 (1)

Step Three: After waiting thirty minutes the plaster has dried and it can be removed . It must be dug around until the entire cast is visible before removing to prevent breaking any of the extremities. This is what the casts look like after they have been removed. 


image1 (2)
Extra: I had left over plaster so I literally scooped sand out of the ground and poured it and this cool “Blob” was made. (I also used it to check the status of the other molds , if this one was dry so were the rest.) 

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