Wk 2: Landscape with a Corpse : Deadly Transaction.

dead portriat
With “Deadly Transaction” I wanted to provide a scene where it demonstrated how greed can turn deadly. Someone making more than enough money was on yet another transaction and it took a turn where he was murdered for the same reason he was there, money.  

I do not see my death being a cause of murder but i was really drawn to doing this portrait because i think it is a really intense way to go and it is about “living life fast”. However it is a reflection of my self because I plan to start by own businesses and have the risks of failure stress me out. The entrepreneur i portrayed here had was risking losing his life in his business which ultimately lead to his death.

Being into fashion I really liked the fact that i would be wearing a suit in this scene and try organize the set and costume to make him seem wealthy. With the set design i wanted to have it seem like he was ready to pay someone at a designated location at night but the person he was meeting with had different plans. A parking lot seemed suitable because it had a “sketchy” feel to it. Two photo shoots were done to experiment with the lighting both at night but one with sodium lights and another with LED lights. The brightness of the LED lights made it seem like it was a more modern parking lot instead of looking like an alley-way. The suit case had scattered money to give the appearance that the murderer/thief was in a hurry to leave. Also the placing of it was so that the transaction was ready to take place. The picture was taken by an iPhone and the photographer was placed about 3 feet away from me while she was on a ladder to have a top view of the scene.



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