Wk 3: Classmate Conversation: Lizzy Stiller

Lizzy and I sitting on the art gallery floor.

Lizzy and I met while browsing oil paintings in a gallery and decided to do our classmate conversation together. We took a seat and asked each other the weekly question: What form of art has shaped you the most?

She replied that music has shaped her the most as it pairs nearly every emotion,feeling and thought with a wide array of vocals and tunes. She also said that music can be used as a sanctuary, an escape from the world to bringing a source of happiness and comfort.

I proceeded to ask her about her major and year, She is a first year film major she found an interest in film partially because as a child her father would video recoded everything at the time she was embarrassed by it but now she thanks her father for being able to show her forgotten memories of her childhood. Amazed to see how memories can be stored and when shared provide an immersive experience. She found herself wanting to learn more about this form of art.


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