Wk 3-Artist Conversation-Alvaro A.S.F.

Artist: Alvaro A.S.F.

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Copper Wire, Acrylic paint, Canvas, Video, Clothes, and Mixed Media

Gallery: Marilyn Werby

Website: In the making

Instagram: In the making

About Alvaro A.S.F.


   Alvaro A.S.F. has always had an artistic mind being well known for his creative art as a kid and takes pride in growing up as the “weird guy”. Moving here from Guatemala was not an easy transition and when in school his teachers and parents would discourage him from creating art because they thought it was a reason for poor academic performance but he could not contain his passion and would keep expressing his ideas in multiple art forms. Despite the lack of support in his early years he was the first in his family to attend a 4 year university. Alvaro is now a CSULB undergrad student working for his BFA in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Now his family fully supports him following his passion for art. His goal is to influence the young to begin expressing themselves artistically by becoming an art teacher. His dynamic character and creativity are traits that will benefit his teaching career.

Formal Analysis 

Alvaro A.S.F.’s  exhibition consisted of 3 different pieces , one was welcomed by an all white display then the spotlight was taken by his response big project which was a video of his “Response to Classical Music” video with Beethoven playing loudly out of the paint splattered speaker. and at the end of the Marilyn-Werby gallery was the result of the response with movement still lingering the work of art.

White Canvas: Everything on the canvas was painted white and was unorganized seemed to have disorder. The pants were unfolded and left off center, the canvas had frayed edges, the paint cans were tilted over. The only colors were provided by a color splattered paint tray set strategically on the floor while wrinkling the corner of the canvas.

“A Response to Classical Music”: The main attraction was a video presentation showing the artist’s dramatic response to Beethoven. The response included dance-like moves while using his hands to paint on the black canvas. Using a random, wide array of colors. The artist seemed to be very aggressive, fast paced, impulsive. The artist’s moves were on cue with a note in the music.

Finished Black Canvas: The result of the video reflected the tone of the first white canvas as it was also unorganized and had a presence. The colors were spread in varying forms mostly consisting in splatter like marks but involving lines and shapes. Although all of the painting was done by the artist’s body none of the streaks of paint resembled it. The colors are mainly cool colors with some yellow, purple, and pink breaking that. The areas of most traffic had a resulting color closer to brown. There was a copper wire with painted clothes entangled and touching the path of the wire.

Content Analysis

Alvaro A.S.F. really emphasized the fact that it was a genuine “raw” response to classical music. His reason for choosing classical music was that it is not something that is often heard while being so original. Classical music is very new to him and he has experienced how powerful this music is. He felt the need to use the intensity of the music to move his body and manipulate his feeling while creating this art piece. His goal was to make the response as genuine as possible he went to the length as to wear clothes he truly wears opposed to a jump suit. It was done in one shot as he wanted to truly “let everything go”. and be completely “in the moment”. Alvaro makes it very clear that this is not a performance, it is not a dance, it is simply a response. Where there is no wrong no right he just wanted to demonstrate the power of classical music with his body and color.

Synthesis / My Experience

Being a person who is very analytical, logical, and likes order it was hard for me to understand why someone would be interested in displaying their thoughts and feelings as physical response. And the art its self was something that I honestly did not see as to have much meaning and value. The art was un organized nothing was planned literally thrown together. Frayed edges, poor display and inefficient improper use of paint it did not seem as the work was done properly. Planning, organization, cleanliness is what i associated with a good job. But then i interviewed Alvaro. I realized while somethings are done most effectively when planed and done carefully, showing emotion and feelings was not something that is done in a traditional manner. Although I soon learned that much planning and hard work was needed for preparation as well as clean up (the piece was done in a total of 3 days) the response alone was a few minutes and was done according to what the artist was feeling at that exact moment. Every line was dictated not just by the musical note but at that very instant his next move would be influenced by the complexity of his mind and his lifetime of memories. This is why a demonstration of feelings cant be planned. Every second of life can and does completely changes your state of mind and you are not the same person as you don’t have the same knowledge or experience as you had before. Every streak on the canvas was a completely different person with different ideas and feeling than before.



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