Wk 4-Art Activity-“Automatic Drawing”



Erika and I decided on doing the Activity together so we met up after her class and begin to look for a location. We spent about 15 minuets walking around the art buildings because we couldn’t decide on a spot that was peaceful. We finally decided to sit in front of FA-2, still not the ideal place as we had to sit on either the wet grass or on the pathway. We just wanted to start so we settled for that location. I am glad we did it was plenty peaceful and it was nice to be in the natural shade of the trees. The downsides were that we were in the way of students trying to get to class and the sitting positions needed to draw resulted in an aching back and our legs would fall asleep.

The Process


A special thanks to the student walking to class that took this picture for us I wish I could have gotten her name. Here Erika and I are in the zone, letting our subtle unconscious movements guide the pastel across the paper. Again rip-pastels really uncomfortable but we managed to get focused and get it done. We decided on the colors as random as possible sometimes using more than one . The greatest difficulty was to not break them. Four hands on the fragile pastels was not the ideal condition for them. Breaking all three of the colors that we had (Yes we made a pastel graveyard). I will admit it was not i my comfort zone to let go of my conscious effort to create something instead of just squiggles and lines. I was continuously tempted to consciously use a greater portion of the paper. But i let go and our hands decided to stay in the center.



This took a lot more time than we both anticipated and not much was done on the paper but we decided that this was enough. Most of the activity was done in the center of the paper with a lot of intersections and color blending. Using the short pieces of pastel led to out hands dragging on the paper resulting in more color blending and streaks along with the sides of our hands being covered in black. We stared at it and we remembered that Professor Zucman mentioned that we could draw on it after we had the “automatic” session. We looked at it and I noticed that one of the curves we made looked like a dragon head so i grabbed the black and began to draw the face. Erika quickly proceeded to draw some of the body, the tail, flames and a surrounding. Even using the pathway as a canvas from not leaving the center with our eyes closed. Astonished at what the final results were. This is where i felt most comfortable, improvising to create something impressive out of completely random and seemingly chaotic.

dyno-scribbles  “The Doodle Dyno” -Erika Perez & Raul Silva


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