Wk 5- Art Activity- Graffiti Writing



I work weekends as much as I would have liked to join the class in Venice on Saturday i couldn’t. Still wanting to be by the beach I know of a location where graffiti artists go to express themselves and i really like the scene so i wanted to add my own art to it for this assignment.

My Art


I had never used spray paint for anything but painting purposes, so graffiti writing was not something that i had no idea how to do. Luckily the film “Bomb It” that we were assigned to watch this week had a small tutorial for bubble type writing, “use a wide spraying tip to do the shape, then use a narrow tip to trace the outline.” I will admit that my art came no where close to the quality of the artist work but it simplified the process and gave me technique to work from. I am a very simple person i like basic colors, white, black grey, however in the grey art bucket that i picked i didn’t check the colors of spray paint that were inside. So i was disappointed as was given a bright orange and a forest green. I did like the green but with orange i thought it would be the ugliest combination of colors. I decided to embrace the colors i was given and picked the bright orange for the body of the letters and the green to border the letters. Surprised that I actually liked the way the colors conflicted each other. Graffiti is about breaking rules i never expected that the same applied when picking colors, it is a art form with no rules no guidelines, writing your tag spontaneously going in not knowing what colors or what location will present your work.

The Experience 


Ultimately what dictated the actual slab i would use was the shade of a palm tree, it was too hot to be in the sun while doing work. having only painted on clean, mostly smooth surfaces i did not take into consideration that the dust and texture of the concrete slab would absorb the paint like sponges. I realized how much paint is needed to do graffiti so now I see these huge graffiti murals and cant even imagine the quantity of spray cans that they use. I enjoyed using my suroundings as a white board most of my time for school is dedicated to mathematics and my thoughts are most clear when i have a large white board in front of me and the same happened, there was a sense of freedom to be able to make a section of the environment a part of you. Of course i couldn’t help but to solve a math problem on one of the slabs with spray paint. It was not photographed because it was not the most neat work.

My long time friend Laritza joined me doing some work of her own switching up the colors with a green body orange outline and picking a more square font. She enjoyed the process and having never been to the location she was in awe because of the beautiful work and scenery. img_0316

We then spent time browsing and climbing the art work as this kind of work is one of the few where its displays are so interactive and can be touched, climbed and altered freely. She was surprised that this was a school assignment we both never imagined something school related can be this much fun.


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