Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cycle

Media: Ceramics, Plastic, Photography, Paper and Mixed-Media

Gallery: Both Gatov Galleries

Website: Janeweibel.com

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist


Jane Weibel is a BFA Ceramics student at California State University, Long Beach. She began her educational career as massage therapist but went with her passion that is art. Tired of keeping the fact that she is a feminist hidden because of the bad stigma around the name, she now uses her anger towards social inequalities to create art and bring a fresh new view to problems faced by women.

   Formal Analysis


The exhibition consisted of 8 pieces.

Rock and Hands: This displayed multicultural hands reaching, seemingly lifting a single large rock.

Rock Pillow Rope: Consisted of a bungee rope around the waist of a female crumpling the mid section of the photo. The pillow was placed in between for the effect of compression and distortion.

Rock Lifting Photos: The piece showcased 4 different women lifting a diffrent rocks all in diffrent ways and they are tied to a sculpture that has yellow rods very close together.

Suspended Rock: A rock was suspended from the ceiling below it was a picture of females. The photo was also suspend with rods and a stone slab using a twine. A fire sculpture and the rock “sandwiched” the photo.

Cage: The largest piece was a cage made using very colorful plastics zip-tied together to a metal tube frame.

Shredded Paper: Colorful sheets of paper shredded and the shreds were put against a wall creating a large pile.

Two Rocks on Feet: Using a bungee rope two ceramic rocks were stacked on top of a photo of two pairs of legs.

Ceramic Cylinders: Very structured ceramic tubes where crossed perpendicular to each other then stacked on top of a photo of the shoulders of two women.

Content Analysis


I noticed none of the pictures showed any faces and this is to protect the identity of the models as they are students and to make it more relatable ,not personal.

Rock and Hands: Showing a united effort to lift the weight of social inequalities faced by women.

Rock Pillow Rope: This demonstrated the torture that some women face as they try to fit in the unrealistic shapes that are shown in popular media.

Rock Lifting Photos: Each female no matter how diffrent they may be take an individual approach to a problem they all share even when accomplished it is still a task as they have to carry the weight.

Suspended Rock: No matter what way is chosen there will be a undesirable consequence so it is meant to give a feeling of being frozen and not knowing what way is the right way.

Cage: A cage represents being trapped, enclosed and this is what it feels to be given rules and expectations because of your gender.

Shredded Paper: When trying to meet social expectations no matter how diffrent you are your true identity seems to be shredded and discarded.

Two rocks on feet: Multiple gender expectancies are placed on women.

Ceramic Cylinders: it shows the even distribution of weight on the shoulders of women.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

I am aware that there is a problem in our society where gender inequality is an everyday thing and effects every aspect of daily life for women. From the wage gap to the products marketed to them there is something wrong and it must be brought to light and should stop being ignored. This exhibition is the result of a single person that has had enough of it has had such a tremendous effect on its viewers however it does not all lie on the hands of women it lies in all of us we need to understand that we as a society are individuals all having our differences and need to stop placing genders and people into categories that we don’t fit in neatly forcing us to be uncomfortable in our own skin.


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