Wk 6- Art Activity-Zine: Hard Work for All


Given the choice of either a zine or a flip book i did not know which i wanted to do because the flip book seemed cool and animated but i felt that a zine could provide a deeper topic and not be as repetitive while drawing it. In high school i enjoyed drawing cartoon characters on the white board of my classes most portraying a message or joke. I would spend a lot of time on some because i wanted them to look a very specific way, however for this zine i wanted it to be more spontaneous and more story driven instead of focusing on the art itself. I marvel at the entrepreneurs and leaders that can make things happen. Working day and night and never stoping to make our lives better. being successful can have many meanings and varies from person to person. This zine represents the way that i view success, having the passion to work hard and reach a position of leadership and wealth by making other peoples lives better, striving to make yourself better than yesterday and having a positive impact in your community.

Zine: Hard Work for All    



It follows the story of a boy who grew up seeing that his community had a problem and everyone was unhappy. Having no idea how to fix it he decided to joke or say something that would distract them for a bit, however the next day everything was back to the unhappy way it was before. He knew there was a way that this could be solved that this is not the way people should live their lives. After thinking he was hit with a revolutionary idea and he got to work. Taking a much more strategic way to fix the problem, frustrated because it is not coming out the way he wants he perceivers. He finally comes up with an idea that he believes in. Taking action and showing his idea to the people that he needs to make it happen and they praise it. It is implemented and tim goes by and after time it is still effective and sees that he has had a positive impact in his community. Because of his success he is rightfully put in a place of leadership. Although he has achieved what many believe to be success he is not done, he will continue to work harder as he is not driven by his own desire but by the efficiency and happiness of the world around him.

Final Thoughts

   I am often criticized because of my way of thinking as people do not understand why some one would work so hard for something that is “unnecessary” and thing that it is “unachievable”. What they don’t understand is that i am extremely realistic i know that the chances of a “perfect” story such as the one shown in the zine are slim. I understand that, however i don’t let it stop my effort to change my surroundings for the better. There are people out there who are what i want to become, there fore it is not impossible. I will never regret going for it and failing but i will forever regret not even trying.


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