Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Jillian Alaya

Jillian and I using a deer filter on Snapchat.

Jillian Ayala:

She is a second year student at CSULB majoring in health science. He goal is to become a dentist, we briefly discussed the possibility of opening her own practice. I was shocked by the fact that she commutes from Pasadena, she shows tremendous dedication to her education by making it happen.


Recently a young artist drew singer Demi Lovato as a mermaid. This young artist is a self taught drawer who often draws his favorite artist as mythological creatures. Often times this is called fan art, now fan art is known to often times be unrealistic and not entirely accurate. Upon posting his art, it was reposted numerous times and caught the attention of the artist from another page, not his own. Miss Demi Lovato did not react exactly as he had hoped. is you opinion on fan art? Do you think that the singer reacted in a justified manner or not (In other words, Do you agree with her conclusion or opinion?)

Jillian had a split decision, her first instinct was to say that Demi Lovato over reacted and that she was unappreciative of the fact that the artist idolizes her to the extent where he dedicates part of his day to show appreciation. Jillian also mentioned that it was out of hand for Demi Lovato to be as rude as she was as it was a drawing of a fictional her not intentionally made to offend. We continued to discuss the subject and after giving my view of the situation Jillian remembered that Demi Lovato once suffered of a eating disorder so her self image has been something she is just beginning to accept so seeing that her fans are not approving of her true figure may have reignited insecurities.




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