Wk 12-Classmate Conversation-Darryl Nguyen

Yessenia Hernandez (Left), Darryl Nguyen (Right)

This week we were asked to do two things with our classmates, one as usual was to ask them the question of the week and document their opinion. For the second part we had to find a third person to create our weekly attendance index cards and draw on them so that each of our creations share a theme and link together when placed besides each other. The inspiration had  to come from one of the artist’s exhibitions.

  1. Question:

Does it have to “look like art” to be art? If “yes”, why do only things in that space count as art? If “no”, then is anything art? Is everything art? What isn’t art? If it doesn’t have to look like art, then how do you know if it is art? Is art something about the act of the artist “making”? Or is art something about the audience “looking”? Can anything become art if you choose to view and think about it that way?

Response: (Darryl Nguyen)

Art can be anything because the person that observes it chooses the artistic value. Art had no boundaries it can be everything around us. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

2. Attendance Index Cards

Artists: Yessenia Hernandez (Left), Darryl Nguyen (Top Right), Raul Silva (Bottom Right)


The inspiration for our art was derived from the exhibition in CSULB’s School of Art Dutzi Gallery. The theme o the exhibition was illness so we decided on drawing our own depiction of disease and after show each other the results. Then intertwine them as they are all very real interpretations of illness but yet they can look so diffrent.

Yessenia Hernandez: She wanted to express the sense of chaos that one may experience when ill. She mad a bacteria shape influencing its surroundings, going in every direction out of control.

Darryl Nguyen: He wanted to depict the chains and shackles that illness brings to the lives that it encounters. He drew illness as unpredictable deformed shapes that all are chained together and take its environment with them.

Raul Silva: I wanted to bring a relatable image that will represent my visualization of illness. A bite in the bottom of an ice cream cone, draining all of what it is into the bottom changing it as it passes through it, morphing it into a unrecognizable figure, leaving it empty inside.



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