Wk 14-Art Activity-“Instagram”


Instruction: The classes was asked to post 4 pictures on Wednesday November 30th with the hashtag “art110f16” and blog about the collage of images that result from this one day of posts

Purpose: To give us students a clear visualization of the similarities and differences in our personal lives and to allow us to formulate deeper opinions of social media.

My Posts:

Image 1 (Railside Attraction): This image was taken on my way to class as i remembered that this location was not far from my daily commute. This was a place of gathering when I was in middle school, after school or on the weekends this was a place to hang out and exercise our curiosity. Being a place that brought back childhood memories i felt that it was appropriate to stop and snap a picture of the art filled walls.

Image 2 (Sidewalk Nature): After class walking to my truck I was giving my back to what many consider a beautiful sunset but in was most captivated by the dawn of the shadows. The time of battle between light and darkness bringing out beauty in the sky and earth itself.

Image 3 (The Fab Bella AKA my girlfriend): My girlfriend and I were going out to eat on “Instagram Day” after class i drove over to her house and knowing that i wanted to take a picture of her for this assignment i asked her to pose right before opening the front gate. She has been in my life for well over a year and a half and I enjoy the time i spend with her it was only appropriate for me to post her as a representation of my values. The caption was the result asking her to post the picture as i was driving so the readers have her to thank for the descriptive caption.

Image 4 (Light Pollution): After me and my girlfriend had ate and spent some time together i asked if she would like to join me up to signal hill to take the last picture of the day. It was pretty old out but she agreed, we walked around the park snapping pictures to review later as we just wanted to be indoors again where it was warm. I wanted to find one where the light pollution was most visible. Light pollution strips us of our ablility to view the stars in the sky and forces us to settle with looking down at all of the man made lights. I just think that it is something that we do without realizing it until put into perspective. We sacrifice our ability to see stars light years away to be able to see a few feet in front of us.

Class results/reflection:


There is no connection between the image but that each of them represent the people that post them in some way. Food,pets, themselves, their surroundings, although it may seem like a random collection of images they all make up the personality of our classes. By looking at the pictures and understanding what it is that the students value it is a map of our culture and values. What we as a generation care about what we find worthy of dong and sharing. In class it was discussed if we think that if this assignment is an invasion of privacy because it requires the use of something close to us, social media. At first i did agree that some students could find this invasive, however it was discussed that a second account can be easily made specifically for this activity. After Instagram day i have come to the conclusion that the slight discomfort and extra time that may be needed to make a separate account is a small price to pay for the benefits of this activity. While both the professor and the student benefit from this it is mostly beneficial to the student. The professor gets a literal picture of what the class is into and what they care about and what they like to do making it easier to provide an enjoyable art learning experience. This is why i would advise art professors to do an activity similar to this i the beginning of the semester to allow the professor to tweak planned activities into being more customized and relatable. As i had stated this is mostly beneficial to the students looking through the collection of images one can identify who one might get along with making it easier to engage in conversation amongst each other. Again the class being molded around the culture and values of your class makes every activity much easier to engage in and be passionate about. Something that may be a key component into making this a more traditional art activity is that throughout the day we keep our artist eye open, looking at our surroundings though a diffrent perspective in order to give our class something that is worth looking at and has a meaning to us. Lastly this encourages us to get out of our way and stop to capture images that are worth taking and this results in memories that are worth having and it it even better when the memories are made with people we care about and it is all thanks to this project. I would encourage this activity to continue as the benefits out weigh the potential controversy, the people with an open mind will value and thank the opportunities brought upon by it.


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