Wk 15-Art Activity- Finger Painting

Setting up

Setting up was i felt what would result in the greatest impact in the final result because it would place my mind into a place where all that mattered was putting the paint onto the sheet and nothing else. I was not trying to make it into anything however looking at the giant paper i knew it must be completely covered with the limited amount of paint. I Started painting at 10:35 pm in my backyard illuminated by just stringed globe lights and in the background “Achievement” by G-Easy was playing the mood of the song made me reach for the purple since it was a very calm, cool color that resembled the mood of the lighting and the song.



After using up the purple I stepped inside to use the restroom and my mom was in the living room watching a live car chase, i sat with her and watched it for a bit. It had intense moments including high speeds, hitting a bicyclist, and ending in a crash with a civilian pickup truck blocking his path, all while having one of tires blown out. After experience this intense news story I stepped back outside to continue the painting.

Part II

Nearly an hour later i stepped back outside and i had left the computer playing on a G-Easy playlist and this song was playing and having just watched the car chase my mood was altered and was a lot more aggressive so i reached for the red and went all over the sheet of paper leaving longer, darker streaks of paint including very concentrated “hot” areas sung more of my hand to get more intense streaks of paint. after this and listening to the music more i calmed down and mixed the remaining red with the white to make a pink that i would use as a shadow to both the red and purple. Also this was the color that i used to ad the most texture to the paper. I used more paint in smaller areas to make a 3-D effect.


The reason behind the diffrent lightings is to show the diffrent intensities that a single painting can have and that the traits of the streaks and the colors change moods depending on the lighting. The top left is in the light that i was working in, the top right is “natural” light, the bottom left is still in the dark but with all the spotlight of my phones flash. I felt that the complimenting art piece to the paper were my hands, i was not only painting on the paper but the paper was painting on me. My eyes were always focused on the sheet of paper that it was not until i finished that i took a look at my hands and realized the cool marks and stains.


This was something that was not hard to do but put many things into perspective for example things that i would see or what i was listening to would affect my painting, i can imagine how artists that spend months on a piece can maintain one mood or theme for it. Painting with no subject allowed for it to be a reflection of what was around me unlike doing things that involve complex thoughts or a level of skill this requires none and just demonstrates your emotions in the form of color and shape. The only of the painting i have done has also been published on this page titled “Graffiti Writing” this is very diffrent from that in the way that this allows for you to use your entire hand to paint and you are not limited by the cans spray. Another huge difference is that most of the graffiti that we see is writing so subconsciously we lean towards more writing than to freely paint. But a similarity lies in that we are not obligated to do any one thing, even though in finger painting we lean towards curves and lines and in graffiti towards words and shapes this does not mean that they both don’t come with the same level of freedom, to do what ever you want and place your message for the world to see your way.


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