Author: Raul Silva

Wk 15-Art Activity- Finger Painting

Setting up

Setting up was i felt what would result in the greatest impact in the final result because it would place my mind into a place where all that mattered was putting the paint onto the sheet and nothing else. I was not trying to make it into anything however looking at the giant paper i knew it must be completely covered with the limited amount of paint. I Started painting at 10:35 pm in my backyard illuminated by just stringed globe lights and in the background “Achievement” by G-Easy was playing the mood of the song made me reach for the purple since it was a very calm, cool color that resembled the mood of the lighting and the song.



After using up the purple I stepped inside to use the restroom and my mom was in the living room watching a live car chase, i sat with her and watched it for a bit. It had intense moments including high speeds, hitting a bicyclist, and ending in a crash with a civilian pickup truck blocking his path, all while having one of tires blown out. After experience this intense news story I stepped back outside to continue the painting.

Part II

Nearly an hour later i stepped back outside and i had left the computer playing on a G-Easy playlist and this song was playing and having just watched the car chase my mood was altered and was a lot more aggressive so i reached for the red and went all over the sheet of paper leaving longer, darker streaks of paint including very concentrated “hot” areas sung more of my hand to get more intense streaks of paint. after this and listening to the music more i calmed down and mixed the remaining red with the white to make a pink that i would use as a shadow to both the red and purple. Also this was the color that i used to ad the most texture to the paper. I used more paint in smaller areas to make a 3-D effect.


The reason behind the diffrent lightings is to show the diffrent intensities that a single painting can have and that the traits of the streaks and the colors change moods depending on the lighting. The top left is in the light that i was working in, the top right is “natural” light, the bottom left is still in the dark but with all the spotlight of my phones flash. I felt that the complimenting art piece to the paper were my hands, i was not only painting on the paper but the paper was painting on me. My eyes were always focused on the sheet of paper that it was not until i finished that i took a look at my hands and realized the cool marks and stains.


This was something that was not hard to do but put many things into perspective for example things that i would see or what i was listening to would affect my painting, i can imagine how artists that spend months on a piece can maintain one mood or theme for it. Painting with no subject allowed for it to be a reflection of what was around me unlike doing things that involve complex thoughts or a level of skill this requires none and just demonstrates your emotions in the form of color and shape. The only of the painting i have done has also been published on this page titled “Graffiti Writing” this is very diffrent from that in the way that this allows for you to use your entire hand to paint and you are not limited by the cans spray. Another huge difference is that most of the graffiti that we see is writing so subconsciously we lean towards more writing than to freely paint. But a similarity lies in that we are not obligated to do any one thing, even though in finger painting we lean towards curves and lines and in graffiti towards words and shapes this does not mean that they both don’t come with the same level of freedom, to do what ever you want and place your message for the world to see your way.


Wk 14-Art Activity-“Instagram”


Instruction: The classes was asked to post 4 pictures on Wednesday November 30th with the hashtag “art110f16” and blog about the collage of images that result from this one day of posts

Purpose: To give us students a clear visualization of the similarities and differences in our personal lives and to allow us to formulate deeper opinions of social media.

My Posts:

Image 1 (Railside Attraction): This image was taken on my way to class as i remembered that this location was not far from my daily commute. This was a place of gathering when I was in middle school, after school or on the weekends this was a place to hang out and exercise our curiosity. Being a place that brought back childhood memories i felt that it was appropriate to stop and snap a picture of the art filled walls.

Image 2 (Sidewalk Nature): After class walking to my truck I was giving my back to what many consider a beautiful sunset but in was most captivated by the dawn of the shadows. The time of battle between light and darkness bringing out beauty in the sky and earth itself.

Image 3 (The Fab Bella AKA my girlfriend): My girlfriend and I were going out to eat on “Instagram Day” after class i drove over to her house and knowing that i wanted to take a picture of her for this assignment i asked her to pose right before opening the front gate. She has been in my life for well over a year and a half and I enjoy the time i spend with her it was only appropriate for me to post her as a representation of my values. The caption was the result asking her to post the picture as i was driving so the readers have her to thank for the descriptive caption.

Image 4 (Light Pollution): After me and my girlfriend had ate and spent some time together i asked if she would like to join me up to signal hill to take the last picture of the day. It was pretty old out but she agreed, we walked around the park snapping pictures to review later as we just wanted to be indoors again where it was warm. I wanted to find one where the light pollution was most visible. Light pollution strips us of our ablility to view the stars in the sky and forces us to settle with looking down at all of the man made lights. I just think that it is something that we do without realizing it until put into perspective. We sacrifice our ability to see stars light years away to be able to see a few feet in front of us.

Class results/reflection:


There is no connection between the image but that each of them represent the people that post them in some way. Food,pets, themselves, their surroundings, although it may seem like a random collection of images they all make up the personality of our classes. By looking at the pictures and understanding what it is that the students value it is a map of our culture and values. What we as a generation care about what we find worthy of dong and sharing. In class it was discussed if we think that if this assignment is an invasion of privacy because it requires the use of something close to us, social media. At first i did agree that some students could find this invasive, however it was discussed that a second account can be easily made specifically for this activity. After Instagram day i have come to the conclusion that the slight discomfort and extra time that may be needed to make a separate account is a small price to pay for the benefits of this activity. While both the professor and the student benefit from this it is mostly beneficial to the student. The professor gets a literal picture of what the class is into and what they care about and what they like to do making it easier to provide an enjoyable art learning experience. This is why i would advise art professors to do an activity similar to this i the beginning of the semester to allow the professor to tweak planned activities into being more customized and relatable. As i had stated this is mostly beneficial to the students looking through the collection of images one can identify who one might get along with making it easier to engage in conversation amongst each other. Again the class being molded around the culture and values of your class makes every activity much easier to engage in and be passionate about. Something that may be a key component into making this a more traditional art activity is that throughout the day we keep our artist eye open, looking at our surroundings though a diffrent perspective in order to give our class something that is worth looking at and has a meaning to us. Lastly this encourages us to get out of our way and stop to capture images that are worth taking and this results in memories that are worth having and it it even better when the memories are made with people we care about and it is all thanks to this project. I would encourage this activity to continue as the benefits out weigh the potential controversy, the people with an open mind will value and thank the opportunities brought upon by it.

Wk 14-Classmate Conversation-Nathan Davalos

image1 (4).jpeg

Background Information

Nathan Davalos is a CSULB Business Marketing student and this is his second year.His some of his interests include sports watching as well as participating.

Question of the Week: Describe what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036.

Nathan’s Response: The first thing that he mentioned to me is that he believes that over time school will get easier and he gave the example that his mother is a CSULB Business  graduate and when she looks at his assignments she mentions that they are far easier than when she was in school.He also believes that college will be free as a lot more people are going through the system and there is a continuous push to make education free.

Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Connor O’Brien

Exhibition Information

Artist: Connor O’Brien

Exhibition: Mentia

Media: Film

Gallery: CSULB Scool of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery


Instagram: N/A

About the Artist


Connor O’Brien is a senior in CSULB’s School of art majoring in photography. His love for pictures and film started when his brother handed down a camera to him and “it just felt right”. He began obsessing in taking pictures that completely captured the emotion and details that are usually only appreciated in person.

Formal Analysis 

The exhibition consisted of a film playing at the back of the gallery showing the morning routine of the artists father. The film a showed the process of caregiving that him and his brother give to his father. This included assisting him out of a medical bed, changing, bathing, and feeding his father. The film consisted of many close up frames of his fathers face to capture the emotions that are passing through his father.

Content Analysis

The artist felt the need to exhibit this because this is something that happens everyday in many peoples lives and it has been his life for 6 years. This film is self expression, a glimpse into the mind of the artist.Giving care to his father has been a priority to him because of the emotional relationship that he had with his father before dementia. He sees this transition as a hand off, his father did so much for him when he was still healthy and everything that he is doing now is for him. The exhibition was to capture the scenes that give him purpose everyday.

Synthesis/My experience

I have no experience with taking care of the elderly much less with a condition such as the one the artist is in, so i had many questions to ask as to how taking care of his father in such a loving way has affected his life. He mentioned that this has been his realty for a quarter of his life but yet it still feels like yesterday that he still had his father. He said although now he just has his body he still is dedicated to caring for him because of the care he received as a child. I can only imagine how much you must prioritize your life as a great amount of time and attention must be given to care for his father so i asked him how this has affected his social relationships. He agreed that it is very time intensive and has definitely brought to light the people that are truly there for him and has left only strong relationships. In my culture it is greatly valued to care for your elderly and is frowned upon when placed in a nursing home. This is true in my culture because of the reality that most parents devote their lives to nurturing you and it is assumed that you will want to do the same for them although i personally believe that yes one wants the best for our parents but at the same time we must measure our ability to care for them. I asked if he feels the same and how he felt about placing elderly in a nursing home. He says he agrees that one should want to care for the people that made us who we are. His standing on nursing homes is that it is conditional and that they can be very costly but if the person is in a situation where that is all they can provide then that is the thing to do.

Wk 12-Classmate Conversation-Darryl Nguyen

Yessenia Hernandez (Left), Darryl Nguyen (Right)

This week we were asked to do two things with our classmates, one as usual was to ask them the question of the week and document their opinion. For the second part we had to find a third person to create our weekly attendance index cards and draw on them so that each of our creations share a theme and link together when placed besides each other. The inspiration had  to come from one of the artist’s exhibitions.

  1. Question:

Does it have to “look like art” to be art? If “yes”, why do only things in that space count as art? If “no”, then is anything art? Is everything art? What isn’t art? If it doesn’t have to look like art, then how do you know if it is art? Is art something about the act of the artist “making”? Or is art something about the audience “looking”? Can anything become art if you choose to view and think about it that way?

Response: (Darryl Nguyen)

Art can be anything because the person that observes it chooses the artistic value. Art had no boundaries it can be everything around us. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

2. Attendance Index Cards

Artists: Yessenia Hernandez (Left), Darryl Nguyen (Top Right), Raul Silva (Bottom Right)


The inspiration for our art was derived from the exhibition in CSULB’s School of Art Dutzi Gallery. The theme o the exhibition was illness so we decided on drawing our own depiction of disease and after show each other the results. Then intertwine them as they are all very real interpretations of illness but yet they can look so diffrent.

Yessenia Hernandez: She wanted to express the sense of chaos that one may experience when ill. She mad a bacteria shape influencing its surroundings, going in every direction out of control.

Darryl Nguyen: He wanted to depict the chains and shackles that illness brings to the lives that it encounters. He drew illness as unpredictable deformed shapes that all are chained together and take its environment with them.

Raul Silva: I wanted to bring a relatable image that will represent my visualization of illness. A bite in the bottom of an ice cream cone, draining all of what it is into the bottom changing it as it passes through it, morphing it into a unrecognizable figure, leaving it empty inside.


Wk 11-Artist Conversation-Kyle Kruse

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Film, Wood Block Carvings, Fur, Bones, Ash, Canvas, Paint and Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art: Marilyn Werby Gallery


Instagram: @Kyle.Kruse

About the Artist

Kyle Kruse has always had an interest in creating things so he started his college career as a physics major but found himself unsatisfied with his choice as he realized he was most passionate in creating things which would stir emotions within the viewers. In his early years he remembers his parents collecting prints so that was a driving cause of his intrest in producing them. Now a CSULB School of Art alumni graduating with a BFA in print making.

Formal Analysis

Sisyphus: The physical representation of this Greco-Roman figure consisted of 3 pieces,

  • Mask: It was made of a canvas material and was sown together by hand with very large stitching and was painted with opaque colors and placed on fur.
  •  Wood Print: Constructed of two rough edged semicircles the carvings are representations of the masks each line was carved, burned shading was done to emphasize features.
  • Film: The film was meant to give the character life and it was done by having a person wearing the mask and climb an concrete hill.

Prometheus: The physical representation of this Greco-Roman figure consisted of 3 pieces,

  • Mask: Made using a structure then using a viscous dark colored paint followed by placing white fur on the head and piling the viscous paint of the same colors on the forehead allowing it to drip down the sides of the head.
  • Wood Print: Constructed of two rough edged semicircles the carvings are representations of the masks each line was carved, burned shading was done to emphasize features.
  • Film: The character figure was given a personality by having fire be the majority of the content of the film.

Janus: The physical representation of this Greco-Roman figure consisted of 3 pieces,

  • Mask: Using a very blotchy method of dying the canvas makes for a asymmetrical look and the construction of the mask was done using panels of fabric hand sewn but with a irregular stitching followed by small eye holes.
  •  Wood Print: Constructed of two rough edged semicircles the carvings are representations of the masks each line was carved, burned shading was done to emphasize features.
  • Film: Having a feel of passing through time and space accessing diffrent regions giving the figure a wise personality.

The Room: The room was kept dark only illuminated by the T.V. ‘s playing the films and the yellow spotlights on the wood prints and masks. The floor was carpeted with ashes and bones which crunched beneath your feet as you walked.

Content Analysis

All three of the figures are Greco-Roman teaching myths each representing diffrent human behaviors.

Sisyphus: Climbs a hill trying to cheat death and before tried to break his society’s social contracts. This shows our human tendencies to be afraid of death and how we restlessly work to beat the inevitable and how some are stripped of their true opinions by trying so hard to stay away from the social norms.

Prometheus: He is forcefully consumed in order to provide humanity with fire bringing forth the existence of civilization. This shows our designated roles in society that are essential to keep a civilization.

Janus: The god beginnings, endings, transitions and gateways. This was to teach people that there is a higher authority to what happens as time goes on that all is not up to us.

The Room: This was a physical representation of “The Void” a space where things happen in time and one is only limited to the world in one perspective in once slice of time.

Synthesis/My experience

The exhibition was done with no previous images of what these teaching myth figures were meant to look like, the artist created the pieces solely from the narratives. I was surprised by the fact that although the exhibition and the names of the Greco-Roman figures were something completely new to me the stories and message was not. These are things that affect our everyday lives, our culture and norms were derived by these past civilizations and the remnants of their norms are still living in us. The room was set up to give a feeling of a distorted reality and meant to set us up to understand the “Void”. The concept of the void is a space and time where we are only aware of what is in front of  us. Showing how our present is the result of everything that ever was and the catalyst of all of the future.

Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Jillian Alaya

Jillian and I using a deer filter on Snapchat.

Jillian Ayala:

She is a second year student at CSULB majoring in health science. He goal is to become a dentist, we briefly discussed the possibility of opening her own practice. I was shocked by the fact that she commutes from Pasadena, she shows tremendous dedication to her education by making it happen.


Recently a young artist drew singer Demi Lovato as a mermaid. This young artist is a self taught drawer who often draws his favorite artist as mythological creatures. Often times this is called fan art, now fan art is known to often times be unrealistic and not entirely accurate. Upon posting his art, it was reposted numerous times and caught the attention of the artist from another page, not his own. Miss Demi Lovato did not react exactly as he had hoped. is you opinion on fan art? Do you think that the singer reacted in a justified manner or not (In other words, Do you agree with her conclusion or opinion?)

Jillian had a split decision, her first instinct was to say that Demi Lovato over reacted and that she was unappreciative of the fact that the artist idolizes her to the extent where he dedicates part of his day to show appreciation. Jillian also mentioned that it was out of hand for Demi Lovato to be as rude as she was as it was a drawing of a fictional her not intentionally made to offend. We continued to discuss the subject and after giving my view of the situation Jillian remembered that Demi Lovato once suffered of a eating disorder so her self image has been something she is just beginning to accept so seeing that her fans are not approving of her true figure may have reignited insecurities.